Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, you are more than welcome to contact us by either submitting the form on the Contact Us page or by email or phone.

Who will be the owner of the domain name?
We will do the domain registration in your name, so the domain is your property.

If I am not happy with your hosting services, can I move my domain to another company?
You host your domain with us on a month to month basis, so if you are unhappy with us for any reason, you can move your domain to another hosting company. We require 30 days notice for the release of your domain. However, if you are on our yearly contract packages, which is all inclusive, you may only give us notice after your year contract has expired.

How much does a website cost?
Please check our Products and Pricing page to see how much it will cost. If you are still unsure, please contact us for a free personal quote.

Do you provide photography services?
We make use of a third party for all our photographic needs. We will gladly give you their contact details if you want to make use of them.

How long does it take to design a website?
Every site is unique, but it takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

I am not happy with my current hosting company. Can you move my website to Palacewebdesign?
Yes we can, provided you are the owner of the website.

Can I sell products on my website?
We can design a shopping site with a shopping cart function for you.

Can you maintain my site for me?
Yes we can. You can visit our Products and Pricing page for prices on our maintenance packages.

Where can I find websites designed by you for reference purposes?
You will find links to some of the websites designed by us under Our Work

Can you design my logo?
Yes we do design logo's.

How does payment work?
We require a 50% deposit upfront and the other 50% when we are done with your site.
If you are making use of our yearly package (monthly payments) you simply have to make your required monthly payment for one year.

Can I have additional email addresses?
Yes, no problem. You can visit our Products and Pricing page for prices on our maintenance packages.

What happens if I want to change my website in furure?
Your website can be changed or redesigned at any time. If you have the ability you can do it yourself. Otherwise we can do it for you. You will find our fees under Products and Pricing.

I already have a website, but I want a new design. Can you help?
Absolutely. We can discuss your needs and create a website that will suite your specific needs.

If I have a shopping site, do I have to load my own products?
You can either load your own products or we can do it for you. You will find our fees under Products and Pricing.

Is it true that I have to pay a yearly fee for my website?
The only yearly fee is the renewal of your domain name. This is done every year. If your domain name is not renewed, you will loose it. You will find the cost of a domain renewal under Products and Pricing. Please note, this is only applicable if you do NOT have a yearly contract with us. In the case of a yearly contract (monthly fee of R350-00) everything is included. There is NO additional fees.

What does hosting mean?
Every website is hosted on a server. You pay a monthly fee, package dependant, to host your website on a server.

What will the total cost be for a website?
At first you have to register your domain. We also charge a admin fee. The domain registration is R200-00 and the admin fee is R100-00. The designing of the website, whether it is a shopping or html site doesn't matter, is R2000-00. This means your start up fee will be R2300-00. The monthly hosting is an additional R35-00 to R105-00, depending on your package. Your domain name needs to be renewed once a year. And that is the total cost. If you prefer our yearly contracts, the only amount payable is R350-00 per month, all inclusive. NO additional fees.

Can I update my website myself?
Yes you can. And we are always just a phone call away.

Will it be possible to upgrade to another hosting package?
Yes it is. You just contact us and we will do the upgrade.

Will I loose my data or will my website go offline if I upgrade to another package?
No, not at all.

Do you have maintenance packages?
Yes we do. Please check our Products and Pricing page for the prices.

What does e-commerce mean?
An e-commerce site is a shopping site with a shopping cart function.

Can you make a facebook page for my business?
Yes we can.

Will my website be linked with my facebook page?
Yes, if that is what you want, we will link your website with your Facebook page.

What is a domain name?
A domain name is a unique address which points to your website.

Will you place ads on my website?
We will NOT place ads on your site unless you specifically request us to do so.

In which format should I provide photographs to you?
We require photographs in Jpeg format. The higher the resolution the better. They can always be reduced in size rather than increased.

Do I have to register my domain name myself?
We register domain names as part of our service to you.

What will you need from me before you can start creating my website?
We will need your logo (if you already have one). If you do not have a logo we can design one for you. We will also need all the photo's you want to add to the website. Acceptable file formats for logo's and photo's are jpeg. Any special instructions you wish to be included in the website, for example a link to a facebook page. Lastly we will need the text or content you want on the website. We will also need to understand your business so that we can create a website that will suite your needs. So any additional info will be helpful.

How much will the delivery fee for business cards be?
All our printed items are delivered free of charge to you.

How will my flyers be delivered?
We prefer to deliver via courier, if possible.

Can you design a menu for me? I don't want it to be printed. I just want you to do the design for me. Is this possible?
Yes we do design only work as well. Please visit our Products and Pricing page and click on the Graphic Design link for the prices.

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